Bun B. Shoots Masked Intruder During Home Invasion In Houston

The UGK legend is not just a good rapper, he's also a good shot.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Bun B. was involved in a shootout with a man who tried to rob him and his wife during a home invasion last night.

According to reports, the incident unfolded when a man knocked on the door of Bun's residence in Houston in the early evening.

When his wife answered the door, a masked man pointed a gun in her face and demanded her valuables.

The intruder went to the garage to take an Audi and that' when Bun B. came downstairs armed to check on the commotion.

A confrontation ensued between Bun B and the intruder, which resulted in gunfire being exchanged between the two men.

The masked intruder managed to run away from the scene. TMZ.com reports that later in the evening, the man checked himself into the hospital with a bullet wound to the shoulder.

The unidentified man was charged with two felonies for aggravated robbery with a weapon and a burglary charge.

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Good for Bun!!! I'm glad him & his wife are OK!!


Ha ha yea BUN! protect the fam thats what's up!