Bun B Speaks On Jay-Z’s “War”

“What is Jay-Z going

to do tonight?”

The question appears to be the primary query on the minds of Hip-Hop fans as

the Def Jam President and his “Carter Administration” will perform

at the Continental Airlines Arena tonight (Oct. 27).

Last month, the rapper/mogul told Power 105’s Ed Lover, “I gotta

put [my adversaries] in the choke hold, the Boston crab. I gotta smash a couple

of people. ... Everybody better make up and be my friend."

Still, the self-proclaimed “god MC” didn’t state whom he

intended to annihilate under the show theme, “I Declare War.”

Bun B. appeared on Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’” and his own

“Get Throwed,” from the Houston veteran’s album Trill.

Bun said he’ll be at the venue with the stars, but won’t be fully

involved, because of the nature of the show.

“I was planning on rocking with [Jay-Z], but I understand that there

may be some circumstances of what he may do on stage. He may not want me to

be included in what he’s got going on,” Bun told AllHipHop.com.

“He’s about to go to war and I have a pretty good sense of the people

he is going to call out. [They] are pretty good friends of mine.”

With a grin, Bun refused to divulge what may occur or who may be targeted at

the 105.1 Powerhouse concert, but suggested that the rumors have some basis.

“I ain’t heard nothing,” he said chuckling. “I ain’t

heard nothing more than what illseed is saying,” Bun said of AllHipHop.com’s

rumor columnist. “That’s where I get all my info.”

Insiders have speculated that Jay-Z will “declare war” on 50 Cent

and G-Unit and convene a whole group of artists that support the notion.

Hood hearsay has also suggested that this group will consist of rappers like

Nas, Fat Joe, The Lox and others including Sauce Money.

Representatives at Def Jam

wouldn’t reveal any information on the matter, however the matter will

all unfurl 8 p.m. (est). AllHipHop.com will give continued coverage on the “I

Declare War” PowerHouse with Jay-Z and Friends.