Bun B Talks Humor In Pimp C’s Reluctance To Do Jay-Z’s Hit “Big Pimpin’”

Bun B addressed the humorous side of the dilemma UGK faced

in working with Jay-Z on at the ASCAP, “I Create Music” expo in Los Angeles on Friday (April 11).

When the group was approached by Jay-Z, UGK had established

a very solid, loyal following and group member Pimp C expressed concern with

collaborating with a mainstream rapper such as their Brooklyn


Of the bouncy, Timbaland-produced song, Pimp C said,

"This got a lotta flutes man, I don't know about them flutes, man,"

according to Bun B.

The description of his late rap partner’s opinions of the

2000 crossover song elicited raucous laughter out of the crowd of about 400

aspiring artists, producers and song writers. "Big Pimpin'" was the

last and biggest single of Jay-Z's fourth album Vol. 3... Life and Times of S.


Bun said he was able to help convince Pimp C that it would

be a good move for the group.

”This ain’t a UGK record, this is a Jay-Z record,” Bun B said he explained to

Pimp C. Bun admitted he was for the song from the beginnings.

Interestingly, Bun said their song with Jay wasn’t expected

to be a hit record.

”The big record was supposed to be the one with Mariah (“Things That You Do”), but

I don't think people know what that [song] sounds like,” he said. “You can't

force feed the people [a hit song].

He told the crowd, “These people [record labels] think you

are ignorant and they’re not giving the consumer credit.”

Incidentally, Bun B performed the song with Jay-Z at the Houston stop of the

“Heart of the City” tour. The crowded recited the Pimp C lyrics to “Big

Pimpin’” in honor of the deceased rapper.

Bun B, Chamillionaire, Carvin Haggins & Ivan Barias of

Karma Productions, and Grouchy Greg Watkins of AllHipHop.com were panelists in

the discussion titled “One Step Ahead: Staying on Top in R&B and Hip Hop.”

The moderator was Tremayne Anchrum of ASCAP.Below is a video of

the “Big Pimpin’” performance with Jay-Z and Bun B: