Bun B: There's Rules To Rap Battles, But There Are No Rules To Rap Beefs

Do you agree with the veteran rapper's stance on battling?

(AllHipHop News) It appears Drake has started a conversation in Hip Hop about whether there are limits in a lyrical clash. During an appearance on LeBron James' The Shop, Drake suggested Pusha T broke the rules of battle rapping by bringing up his friend 40's debilitating disease on "The Story of Adidon."

Pusha has made it clear he doesn't believe he crossed the line on the diss track, partly, because Drake mentioned his then-fiancée Virginia Williams on "Duppy Freestyle." Fellow Hip Hop veteran Styles P also expressed that anything is allowed when it comes to going head-to-head over a track.

Southern rap legend Bun B has now weighed into the conversation. The Texas-bred emcee sat down with Mostly Football to talk about the latest round in the Drake versus Pusha T feud.

"There's rules to rap battles, but there are no rules to rap beefs, cause rap beefs don't necessarily start in a rap scenario and don't necessarily end in a rap scenario. So it could go any way anybody could want it to go," said Bun. "If somebody says something about my beautiful wife, I'm not making a record, I'm looking for you. I'm probably gonna try to put hands on you in some certain situations."

The UGK member added, "It just depends on when you jump out there if you're ready for the ramifications, 'cause everybody's not gonna just rap back. Everybody's not gonna rap fair. Some people are gonna take the lowest shots they can take, and you gotta be prepared for all that. If you're not ready for it, just keep your mouth shut and catch them at the Superbowl."

Those comments from Bun B carry weight because he's been a prominent supporter of Drake. The two rappers collaborated on "Uptown" and "Put It Down." Bun is also connected to J. Prince's Rap-A-Lot Records. Prince was the person that apparently blocked Drake from releasing an alleged diss record aimed at Pusha T and Kanye West.

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