Burglar Who Stole $2 Million From Celebs Said His New Money Came From Stocks

The cops nabbed a burglar who had over 2,000 stolen items in his house.

(AllHipHop News) A man suspected of stealing from Usher's home in March has been arrested.

In March, thieves targeted the star's Spanish-style villa in Los Angeles, which was on the market at the time, and took $20,000 in cash as well as jewelry and watches totaling $ 800,000.

A man suspected of being involved in the heist, as well as other celebrity burglaries, has been arrested by police officers, who searched the suspect's home with a warrant and discovered more than 2,000 items valued at over $2 million.

Some included Usher's belongings, as well as items belonging to an undetermined member of the Real Housewives reality TV franchise.

Law enforcement sources told reporters that the suspect would allegedly go to open houses to scope out the properties and return later to carry out the burglaries.

The suspect reportedly explained his newfound wealth to his family members by saying he was doing well in the stock market.