Bushwick Bill Files Lawsuit


Bill, former Geto Boy, has filed a $20 million lawsuit against

Houston based Rap-Alot-Records, Noo Trybe Records, Virgin Records,

and Jus Joking, which is a comedy club in Houston. The 3 Foot

8 inch rapper claims he was assaulted August 28, by five men who

attacked him, and pulled a gun on him when he was leaving the

club. Bushwick had been trying to leave the label for some time,

and a few days earlier, they filed a lawsuit in court, claiming

that the rapper was still legally under contract to Rap-Alot/Noo



people from Bushwicks production company, Lickle Geto Boys Dollars

N Cents Entertainment said he was punched, hit and kicked in the

"head, chest, stomach, arms, legs and genitals", by

the men, including one who was a golden gloves boxer. Bushwick

released 2 solo LPs, Little Big Man, and Phantom of the Rapra.


Geto Boys are working without Bushwick Bill, who has left the

crew. Their next release, Da Good, Da Bad and Da Ugly, has no

scheduled release date. Bushwick Bill's next release, No Surrender

... No Retreat, is due to be released Oct. 27 by Wrap/Lickle Geto

Boys Dollars N Cents Entertainment.