Bushwick Bill Releases New LP, Possible Geto Boys Reunion

In addition to having a new daughter, Bushwick

Bill of the Geto Boys has launched his own record label and recently dropped

a compilation album.

The Different Styles Organization is a

compilation album that Bushwick says features a variety of material.

"This album has every style of rap, from

your thug sh*t, to your love sh*t, to your political sh*t, to your gangsta sh*t,

to your bling bling sh*t, to your playa sh*t, and Christian rap," Bill

told AfricasGateway.

Bill's noticeable absence from the hip-hop arena

was prompted by record label politics. Both companies he signed with ended up

going bankrupt, prompting him to launch his own label, West Town Records.

"After the goons beat me from Rap-a-lot

in 1998 when I refused to sign with them, I was looking for a label. I found

one in '99 with Ichiban. I then put out the album No Surrender No Retreat.

While on tour, the company went bankrupt. In '01, I signed with a label called

Nu Wave Entertainment, and again while on tour, that company went bankrupt.

So those two things may be a factor of why you haven't heard from me in a while."

Bill said that a Geto Boys reunion album was

possible. Scarface, Willie D. and Bushwick Bill recently came off of a 64 city

tour promoting the Geto Boys Greatest Hits album.

"It's not up to us. If the powers that be

can get it together, and they get my f*ckin money straight, then we'll have


And what label will the record be released on?

That is not an easy answer. All of the Geto Boys' albums have been released

under J-Prince's Rap-A-Lot Records. According to Bushwick, he left because the

label refused to pay him.

Bushwick severed his ties with J-Prince and said

"There is no relationship with J-Prince."

The Different Styles Organization is in

stores now.