Bushwick Bill Supports Tupac On New Year's Day

Geto Boys member Bushwick

Bill will be featured as a celebrity guest model at the First Annual Makaveli

Branded Fashion Show, the clothing line launched by Tupac Shakur’s mother,

Afeni Shakur.

“It is significant

that this event is being held in Los Angeles on New Years,” Bushwick Bill

said. “This day represents the birth of a new year, and this clothing

line, owned by his mother, Afeni, is one more way of representing the streets

and the realism of his life and hip-hop style. Through his clothing, we are

sending a reminder of Tupac's words and messages.”

Bushwick Bill and Tupac

Shakur were personal friends, introduced to each other by Naughty by Nature

rapper Treach.

In addition to admiring

each others art, the two also shared a mutual appreciation for music.

“Pac had just finished

filming Juice, and he told me he always loved the Geto Boys and the intelligence

I expressed in interviews,” Bushwick Bill continued. “His whole

energy of how he felt about my music told me that he was a fan of the music,

and not just an artist. That gave me an insight as to how I should feel as an

artist about the music. To him, music was oxygen.”

The event is also a celebration

of Shakur’s latest chart topping album, Loyal to the Game.

“For those of us who

were personal friends of Tupac, the clothing line has a special meaning,”

Bushwick explained. “Because Tupac has always expressed his life experiences

through hiphop music, and because those of us who have traveled these roads

know the truth, I feel blessed to stand up for something that is right and that

is true, and in this case, the clothes are the extension of the man."

Other guests to the fashion

show include Lisa Raye, Jon B., The Outlawz, Warren G., Cedric The Entertainer,

Eazy E’s son Lil’ E, who will debut his new single that features

Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. and others.

The show takes place at

Los Angeles’ famed Century Club and will also feature several DJ’s

spinning tributes to Shakur.

In related news, Bushwick

will be drop a solo album, Gutta Mixx, on Adex Records on March 8.