Bushwick Drops Out Of Reunion With Geto Boys For His Own "Phuck Cancer" Tour

Bushwick has decided to go out on the road by himself as he fights stage 4 cancer.

(AllHipHop News) The Geto Boys are scrapping their highly anticipated reunion tour after Bushwick decided to drop out, as he fights stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

The Texas rap stars recently revealed plans to regroup for a farewell tour following Bill's shocking cancer announcement.

Bushwick is reportedly no longer on board for the "Beginning of a Long Goodbye" outing, which was supposed to start tonight (May 24) in Pontiac, Michigan.

According to reports, Bushwick believed organizers were selling tickets on the back of his health issues, and he insists he's not on his deathbed.

Bushwick initially called Scarface and Willie D, and told them to prepare for a Bushwick and Friends tour, but the legendary rapper is unhappy with tickets being sold out of sympathy for his cancer battle.

He is now planning a 20-city solo tour, titled Phuck Cancer, which will begin in Dallas on June 8.

Reports suggest 10 per cent of the proceeds from every show will benefit pancreatic cancer charities in each city.