Busta Goes To Court In Assault Case

Busta Rhymes appeared today in a District Court in Falls River, Massachusetts to face assault charges after allegedly pushing and threatening a fan who touched him during an impromptu performance last December.

During Busta’s set, Celine Giguere, 21, of Rhode Island, allegedly reached out and placed her hand on Busta’s chin, prompting an angry reaction from the rapper where, according to police reports, he said, “If you try touching me again, I’ll kill you.”

The rapper has denied assaulting Giguere. She, however, chose to press charges against Busta despite police not charging him in the case. He has responded by filing an assault charge on Giguere. A judge set separate trials for January 22.

Upon leaving the courtroom Busta appeared lighthearted and unfazed by the allegations, even joking about the lengths the plaintiff has gone to see the rapper again.

"I was just so sexy to that young lady," he told the Associated Press. "She just had to get me to do something to come back."

Bus-A-Bus has kept occupied this past summer by blazing verses on remixes from the likes of Sean Paul, Lumidee, and Bone Crusher. There is no word as to whether his next album will be released on J-Records or not, as there have been rumors of a Busta bidding war between Aftermath Entertainment and Def Jam Records.