Busta Rhymes And Funk Flex Clash Over Leaked Song

Busta Rhymes' lengthy

hiatus from rap has seemingly caused the supply to exceed the demand and Hot

97 DJ Funk Master Flex has leaked a new song from the Aftermath rapper without


Flex premiered the Scott Storch-produced "I'll

Hurt You" on Wednesday and Busta has reluctantly started to promote his

next album.


some kind of way [it was leaked] - and we're still trying to figure out - I've

never had a leak problem. I've been trying to get Flex on the phone and he ain't

been returning my calls," Busta told AllHipHop.com. "I've been trying

to get a meeting so we can find out, first of all, how he got the record and,

second of all, why wouldn't you check with me to see if it was cool to play

the record that you didn't get from me. Me and Flex have a great relationship,

so it's baffling to me."

With his sabbatical coming to an abrupt close, Busta said he's taking particular

care for his follow-up to 2002's It Ain't Safe No More.

"I don't know what the f**k's going on. I been quiet for 2 and a half years

and I never took this long to put out an album. But I felt it was necessary,

with the situation with Aftermath, that I relaunch my campaign that there ain't

a stone left unturned. [We have to] meticulously strategize the right way to

blast off."

To make matters worse, the Long Island native said that the intricate DJ network

has cried foul with Flex boasting the song before others and these are the very

spin doctors that will push his Aftermath opus.

"Its complicating my relationship with other DJ's," the gravely-voiced

rapper said. Still, some DJ's have opted to exercise other options.

"N***as ain't dumb man. We jacked the song from the internet and played

it with all the Flex Bombs," said an anonymous disc jockey from the South.

"You know other DJ's are going to jack it and play it."

Concurring, Busta said, "It's a good problem to have in one sense, because

if a song is that dope that you have to take it and just run with it like "F**k

it,' I can't be mad at that."

Still, Busta explained that the leak now marks the beginning of his promotional

trail towards The Big Bang, his new album slated for a May release.

Busta said that his new album will entail a more personal peer into his life

and that Dr. Dre is actively involved in constructing it.

"Dre loves to pull that shock treatment outta his a** to f**k the world

up," he said referencing the veteran producer's long string of hits. "I'm

really spilling a lot of [music] that I've been longing to spill."

Even though Flex's leak was undesired, Busta said he's ready. "Tell them,

the kid is coming."

Efforts to contact Funk Master Flex were unsuccessful.