Busta Rhymes Arrested After AmsterJam

Rapper Busta Rhymes

was arrested shortly after an appearance at Heineken's AmsterJam Festival last

night (Aug. 19) on Randalls Island. While

details of the arrest were not immediately available, police claim Rhymes may

have assaulted a concertgoer that allegedly spit on his car, after his performance

around 5 p.m.The

New York Daily News reports that members of Rhymes' entourage were also arrested

and that police used the opportunity to question Rhymes for hours, about the Feb.

5 slaying of his bodyguard Israel Ramirez.Ramirez,

29, was shot and killed in Brooklyn, during a star-studded video shoot of Rhymes'

hit single "Touch It (Remix). Ramirez

was a longtime friend and bodyguard for Rhymes, who has been the subject of criticism

for allegedly refusing to cooperate with investigators. Police

believe an argument between G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo and another group of men sparked

the deadly shooting on the set of the video.

Rhymes and Yayo reportedly agreed to meet investigators shortly after the shooting,

but both backed out. Yayo's

attorney Scott Leemon informed police in Feb. that the G-Unit rapper would not

make any statements to law enforcement, saying it wasn't "in his character"

to speak to the authorities. NYPD

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly criticized Rhymes, Yayo and those present for

failing to cooperate with authorities. Last

week, Ramirez' older sister Sonia Rodriguez told The New York Post that

her family was still reeling from the death of Ramirez, who had three sons."I

understand the code of the streets, [but] they're probably just very afraid for

themselves and their families," Ramirez said. "We're not doing well.

Our family is destroyed. We're not going to be complete again...especially during

the holidays. There is definitely going to be an empty seat at this table."


said she was nauseated by Rhymes giving her late brother shout outs during his

performances. "He

doesn't give two diddlies about my brother," Ramirez told The New York

Post. "At this point, I honestly believe Busta is using my brother's

death as a publicity stunt - and I'm angry He may perceive it as this is how he

shows he cares, but I don't see it. He's really got a lot to do to prove me wrong,

and talking to the cops about what happened that night would be a big step."


have a recording of the tape which allegedly indicates Rhymes may have witnessed

the shooting. According

to sources, the tape reveals the argument that led up to the shooting and the

voice of an unidentified man calling Busta Rhymes a "b***h." Police

believe the man on heard on the tape is the gunman, who police say may have fled

with Tony Yayo.