Busta Rhymes Gets Probation For 2002 Incident

Busta Rhymes was sentenced to six months probation

by a Massachusetts judge today (March 23). Rhymes pled not guilty to charges

of assaulting a woman at a December 2002 concert.

Rhymes admitted that he touched Celine Giguere

of Providence, who was also charged with assault by Rhymes after she touched

his face as he was leaving the stage.

She accused him of slamming her head into a

barroom table, a charge he denied in a handwritten letter to the judge.

When Giguere allegedly went to touch his face,

Rhymes said he grabbed her hand and said, "Please make sure you do not

touch me again,'' before leaving for his hotel.

Rhymes' case will automatically be dismissed

if he steers clear of trouble for six months. He had to pay $300 in court costs

and a $21 fee to have unsupervised probation.