Busta Rhymes Parties With His ""Brother" Who Happens To Be A Wanted Fugitive

The rap star was spotted with the infamous con man, Zahid Khan.

(AllHipHop News) A notorious multi-millionaire "fraudster" wanted in the U.K. may be ducking the cops, but he has no problems with rap star Busta Rhymes.

Zahid Khan was sentenced to ten years in prison for running a license plate scam in the U.K.

Khan was also accused of helping a human smuggling operation, which imported Afghan nationals into the country illegally.

In July of 2018, Zahid Khan decided to flee Europe to avoid serving his prison term because he claimed cops were targeting him and he could not get a fair trial.

But Zahid Khan does not seem to be too worried about authorities.

He posted a video of himself partying in Dubai with Busta, who labeled the con man his brother.

"Busta rhymes & me chilling. Dubai is a land for all, everyone is welcome it’s a land full of opportunities from owning your own business or even investing in your own home. It has a lot to offer!!" Zahid Khan said in a Facebook post.

It is highly doubtful Busta knew about Zahid Khan's checkered past or his criminal status as a wanted man in the U.K.

Take a look:

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Ken P
Ken P

he probably paid busta to say that