Busta Rhymes Reveals Another Side In Virgin Commercials

Fans of Busta Rhymes will have a chance to see a side of the rapper that they never expected- his butt. Virgin Mobile is preparing to launch their second advertisement starring Busta, promoting Virgin Mobile's text messaging service.The ad, titled "Butt Naked," features Busta arriving at a swank hotel. After he runs a hot bath, Busta picks up a remote control, attempting to turn on the television, not realizing that the remote really opens the curtains.As fans gather and watch him through the open curtains, Busta drops his pants, stretches and prepares to get into the bath.The fans cheers quickly turn to horror when the rapper bends over to pick up the remote control.The most revealing scenes are concealed by a television and a fan's head, sparing viewers the delight or disgust of Rhyme's nether regions.The commercial hits airwaves in the United Kingdom on December 8. For those that can't wait, head over to bustabutt.com.