Busta Rhymes Teams With Stevie Wonder To Produce Video For Visually Impaired

Rapper Busta Rhymes

has teamed with Stevie Wonder to create a second video for Wonder’s latest

single “So What The Fuss” for blind people or those that have low


Director Paul Hunter shot two version of the video. The first

is the traditional video that will be serviced to various music channels, while

the second version, which features Busta Rhymes, contains a descriptive audio

track featuring Rhymes’ narration.

“Until now music videos have been very one dimensional

for those who are blind or with low vision," Wonder explained. "Now

all music video fans will be able to

apply their vision to my video thanks to the descriptive technique and of course,

a great narration by Busta Rhymes. For me, the entire concept is indicative

of what happens when you go beyond the status quo and open yourself up to what's


Wonder, a longtime fan of Busta Rhymes, called on the multi-platinum

selling rapper to perform the narration in Wonder’s Los Angeles Recording

studio. Rhymes described the scenario of the video, which takes place in an

apartment and the surrounding neighborhood.

"Stevie Wonder is an American icon," Rhymes said.

"Without him, most of us never would have picked up a microphone. Only

Stevie could come up with a way to let fans that have never seen a video take

part in the whole vibe. It was a great project to work on from start to finish."

The single is taken

from Wonder’s upcoming album A Time To Love. Wonder said that

he is working to bring a new cutting-edge technology that will make these types

of videos more accessible to the visually impaired throughout the country and

ultimately, the world.