Busta Rhymes Working On "Extinction Level Event 2"

AllHipHop Staff

The trend of album sequel continues with Busta Rhymes as the New York staple plans another chapter from from his 1998 opus E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front.

Busta's manger Chris Lighty sent out the message via Twitter. Lighty simply said, "Extinction.Level.Event 2 ......prepare yourself."

The message was subsequently retweeted by Busta Rhymes. Like the first E.L.E. 2 is inspired by movies of pending destruction and doom on planet Earth, Lighty said."From the Intro of the new Busta Album your going

to know your [sic] in trouble and you just turned on 2012 the movie on warp

speed," he said.

E.L.E. yielded a number of popular songs including "Tear da Roof Off," "Do It to Death" and "What's It Gonna Be," a hit song that featured Janet Jackson.

E.L.E. also had an impressive line of producers like Busta Rhymes Nottz, DJ Scratch, Swizz Beatz, Rockwilder, Diamond D, D-Dot, Nasheim Myrick and others.

Extinction Level Event does not have a release date, but he was slated to release The Chemo, his ninth solo album, this summer.Other artists that rose to prominence in the 90's have begun creating sequels to their most popular albums. Capone-n-Noreaga and GZA have sequel albums in the making.

Busta Rhymes recently released "Stop The Party," an unofficial theme song for "Iron Man 2 that features Swizz Beatz." Listen below.