Busta's SUV Shot Up In Front Of Violator

Busta Rhymes

almost skipped the Clive Davis' infamous pre-Grammy Awards party, after a drive-by

shooting that left his new SUV with bullet holes.

A gunman shot the vehicle six times on the passenger

side of Busta's GMC Suburban Friday night, according to the New York Daily News. The shooting took place in front

of Violator Management's office.

Violator's offices were the scene of a brazing

shooting, in which a gunman rode an elevator up to the 11th floor offices and

shot at least six bullets into the reception area.

"We don't know if Busta Rhymes was the intended

target, or if the shootings are a message to the managers," said an investigator.

"[His] name is not raising red flags for gang membership, or affiliation

in any rap war of words-type stuff."

No one was injured in either incident.