Busy Summer For The Neptunes

If your a fan of The Neptunes, there will be

no shortage of the production duo's material this summer.

In addition to music they are producing for other

artists, six songs from the duo's 15 song album The Neptunes Present...Clones

will be released as singles.

Pharrell and Jay-Z's "Frontin" is already

getting steady play on the radio, as is "Hot Damn," which features

Clipse, Ab Liva and Rosco P. ColdChain.

Other singles will include collaborations featuring

Foxy Brown and Supercat, Busta Rhymes featuring Pharrell and Dirt McGirt featuring


The single "Light Your A** on Fire"

featuring Busta Rhymes is scheduled to hit airwaves nationwide this week.

"We made the song for all the girls,"

says CEO, songwriter, producer, arranger and singer Pharrell Williams. "It'll

just light your a** on fire."

Here is the complete tracklisting for the album:

-- Intro featuring Pharrell

-- Clipse featuring AB Liva & Rosco P. ColdChain "Hot Damn"

-- Clipse featuring AB Liva "Blaze of Glory"

-- Rosco P. ColdChain featuring Clipse "This Beat Is..."

-- FAM-LAY featuring Pharrell & Kelis "Rock N Roll"

-- Kelis featuring Nas "Popular Thug"

-- SuperCat featuring Foxy Brown "Don of Don's"

-- Busta Rhymes featuring Pharrell "Light Your A** on Fire"

-- Pharrell featuring Jay-Z "Frontin"

-- Nerd "Lord"

-- Spymob "F*ck & Spend"

-- Vanessa Marquez "Good Girl"

-- Dirt McGirt (O.D.B) featuring Pharrell

-- Nore featuring Pharrell "Put Em' Up"

-- Ludacris featuring Pharrell "TBC"