C-Bo Out Of Jail, Talks New Album, Label

Rapper C-Bo will be released

from prison today (June 22), after serving almost two years for gun charges

and other offenses.

According to C-Bo, he is

going to work on his untitled album, the 17th from the rapper.

"With this album, I

am really trying to re-capture what the West Coast is known for," C-Bo

told AllHipHop.com. "Right now we see a lot of people doing their thing,

so I know it's the right time for me to step in and give fans what they have

been waiting for."

His label, West Coast Mafia,

has already signed two acts, Killa Tay and former No Limit soldier Young Bleed,

who will drop Rise Thru Da Ranks' on August 23.

“We have a lot going on over here," C-Bo said. "I linked up

with [Young] Bleed, because I respect what he does. I was wanting to work with

him when he was on No Limit and we were in the process of working on a project

before I was incarcerated, so it was only natural that we would link up to do

our thing."

The climate of rap has somewhat

changed since the rapper was incarcerated. During his two year stay in prison,

two of his associates, Mac Dre and Anthony “Fat Tone” Watkins have

been gunned down.

The rapper, who was jailed

in 1998 for violating his probation because his album Til My Casket Drops,

allegedly promoted gang culture and called for violence against police officers,

said that he planned to speak his mind again.

"I still feel to this

day that I was a target, but they didn't stop my paper and they won't,”

the rapper said. “Am I going to purposely go out and do things to draw

unnecessary attention to myself? No. But I am not going to stop being me or

saying what I say just because they want to investigate things that I have done

in the past.”

Amid the unsettling times

in Hip-Hop, C-Bo is actually calling for a unified front amongst rappers.

“We definitely need

to unify and give to younger, hungry emcees coming out,” C-Bo explained.

“I hear about all the beefs and I feel that for California to really get

our just dues we have to come together and work together, not just sign treaties."