C-Murder Alive, Transferred To Angola Prison

Corey “C-Murder/C-Miller”

Miller is alive and well AllHipHop.com has learned.

The rapper was incarcerated in a prison in Gretna, Louisiana

when Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29. The hurricane produced the worst

natural disaster in United States history.

“C is alive, he was shipped off to Angola,” a source

close to Miller told AllHipHop.com. “He personally said he’s alive

and doing OK.”

The Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola is known as one of

the roughest prisons in the country, housing the state’s most notorious

and violent criminals.

In earlier published reports, Miller's older brother, mogul

Percy "Master P." Miller stated that he didn’t know the whereabouts

of his brother and his expressed concern for his safety.

Yesterday, officials started transferring almost 1,000 inmates

out of flooded prisons. Some prisons were flooded so bad, inmates were forced

to flee for their lives.

US Marshals took a batch of inmates to a federal prison in Florida

and another load is slated to make the trip today (September 9).

In related news, Senators from Arkansas have introduced legislation

that would require criminal background checks for all that have fled to the

state after being displaced by the hurricane.

It is estimated

that at least 1 million people have been displaced from Hurricane Katrina and

have been forced to flee to other parts of the United States to take up refuge.