C-Murder Asks Meek Mill For Help: "We Need Some Help Brother"

C-Murder took a hit today that was so hard, the rapper is asking for help from a bevy on celebs.

(AllHipHop Rumors) C-Murder, the brother of mogul Master P, just took a huge legal hit that may result in a lifetime of incarceration. An associate gave the sobering news on Instagram.

A man named Stephen Lee posted the message, which C-Murder reposted on his IG account.

Today is a sad day. Despite overwhelming evidence proving his innocence, Corey Miller has once again been denied a chance for retrial for a crime he didn’t commit. In an age where focus on the justice system’s flaws and inconsistencies is at an all-time high, it amazes me that a man can be incarcerated for 17 years, based solely on the testimony of witnesses that have since recanted and vehemently admitted that they were pressured by law enforcement to say Corey was responsible for this crime. I salute @meekmill for shining a light on a very real problem and encourage him to look at this situation. Corey received a mandatory life sentence after a 10-2 verdict. Only in Louisiana and Oregon can this even happen. No weapon, no prints, no motive...nothing; just two people that weren’t even sure what they saw that night in 2002. This was a political move used to advance careers and make an example of young, black entertainers. FREE COREY MILLER. Justice will be served.

The rapper's fate took a turn for the worse when he was convicted in the murder of 16-year-old named Steven Thomas, who was shot to death inside of Platinum club in 2002. After two mistrials, C-Murder, was eventually convicted of the crime in 2009, and automatically sentenced to life in prison, without parole.

In the comments, C-Murder or somebody manning the account connected directly with Meek Mill, who has his own ongoing legal drama. "We need some help brother," the account said directly Meek Mill and another Instagram account. Meek Mill recently announced his role in a coalition with Jay-Z called REFORM. The goal of the organization is to free one million people from "the system."

C-Murder then expounded on his innocence with a critique in the comments of the post.

*"Folks so quick to jump up and say free so and so. (Even when they are beyond guilty) But when it comes to someone like Cee and Mac *INNOCENT PEOPLE* folks don’t put as much effort into their situation. TRU Story."*

Other fans began to chime in, requesting support from a myriad of celebrities, even Donald Trump, at the request of C-Murder.

@kanyewest@kimkardashian can yall help this brother get a pardon???like yall help the others @unclerush. @meekmill @blklivesmatter@troubleman31 @officialboosieig@shaderoom @masterp 17 years come on somebody talk too the mayor president lets. Ring national attention this man about to rot in jail over a rap name and because he black.. He is innocent

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Dude is innocent and what's funny about it?


Im sure he's innocent lol