C-Murder Back On House Arrest

No Limit Records artist Corey "C-Murder" Miller has been ordered back into house arrest.

The one-page order was handed down yesterday (Aug.17) by 24th Judicial District Court Judge Martha Sassone in response to a 5th Circuit Court

of Appeal's ruling on Tuesday (Aug. 15).

"Corey Miller is to be placed on complete home incarceration and is further ordered that he is not allowed to leave his residence at any time," Sassone wrote, adding that the ruling would last until the rapper's pending retrial on second-degree murder charges.

The Times-Picayune reports the judge also reinstated a gag order placed on everyone involved in the case in a separate order on Thursday.

The gag order also extends to the home incarceration program, according to Sassone.

The 5th Circuit Judges found error in Sassone's "additional, unsolicited ruling" of removing Miller from house arrest when prosecutors sought to have his bond revoked.

Prosecutors attempted to put Miller back in jail, arguing the rapper violated house arrest rules on May 4, when he stopped by a Smoothie King in Metairie during a court-approved outing, as well as 13 occasions when the lyricist's electronic monitoring equipment lost track of him at his home.

The incidents, which lasted no longer than about 20

minutes, amounted to violations, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors appealed Sassone's three-page order, saying her decision did not take into account the seriousness of Miller's other pending attempted-murder charges in Jefferson Parish and in Baton Rouge.

Sassone originally found "Miller had not violated the conditions of his bond including the home incarceration."

"It was very clear that no one knew why this monitoring system was reporting these violations," Sassone wrote. "There were discussions of electronic interference in that area that had nothing to do with the equipment of Mr. Miller."

The new order is the latest twist in the ever changing legal events surrounding Miller, who is accused of shooting 16-year-old Steve Thomas

in the chest during a fight on Jan. 12, 2002, in the now-closed Platinum Club in Harvey.

A date has not been set for the retrial of the rapper, who returned to house arrest after a month of freedom.