C-Murder Changes Name, NAACP Files Lawsuit

Much has been made

of C-Murder’s (Corey Miller) suggestive name, but the rapper has adjusted

the moniker after being convicted in the shooting death of a 16 year old. He

will now be called C. Miller, based on his real name.

While he’s

proclaimed his innocence, he said that the general public has never known the

true meaning behind his rap handle. "I am not a murderer," he said

in a statement.

"From the

beginning, I have been a target because of who I am, my stage name and for my

success as an entertainer and the success of my siblings. People hear the name

C-Murder and they don't realize that the name simply means that I have seen

many murders in my native Calliope projects neighborhood,” said the rapper.

A retrial of Miller’s

murder case was recently overturned and he now faces a mandatory life sentence.

He and his lawyer, Ron Rakosky, are in the process of appealing the decision

according to the Associated Press.

Additionally, the

NAACP is plotting a federal lawsuit for Miller, because they say his lack of

a retrial violates his civil and constitutional rights.

"Corey Miller

is entitled to a new trial. The fact of the matter is Corey Miller was tried,

found guilty and sentenced based on the testimony of witnesses who admittedly

perjured themselves," Miller's attorney, Ron Rokosky said. "There

is no physical evidence in this case. We requested a new trial. A judge reviewed

the case finding countless legal errors and in the interest of justice she ordered

a new trial ultimately overturning his conviction. Even though this judge acted

properly, the Appellate Court is still denying Miller a new trial, which has

never been done before in the history of Louisiana law and is a clear violation

of Miller's civil and constitutional rights."

Millers lawyers

and the NAACP will announce what step to take next, while Miller once again

denied the murder charges.

"I formally

change my stage name to C Miller, the first initial of my name and my legal

last name, in hopes that I can finally receive justice," Miller said. "I

am not asking for any special treatment or favors, I just want what is due to

me... a fair and impartial trial."

C Miller's latest

album release THE TRUEST S*** I EVER SAID debuted at #1 on the Billboard

Independent Chart.