C-Murder Establishes Fund To Prove Innocence

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper C-Murder has launched a website to help raise funds for his legal battle in regards to his upcoming murder re-trial.

The domain name is registered to Kernell Reynolds, who also doubles as the President of C-Murder’s Tru Records.

Miller, 38, is preparing to stand trial for a second time.

"We established this because C hasn't been able to work in almost seven years because of the house arrest," Reynolds told AllHipHop.com exclusively. "It's not really fair. It's even more frustrating because he's under a gag order and can't publicly comment on any thing about the case."

He is accused of shooting and killing 16-year-old Steve Thomas, in a now-defunct, Jefferson Parish nightclub.

The rapper was originally convicted of the murder in 2003, but he was granted a new trial when it was learned that prosecutors had expunged several key witnesses’ criminal records, in exchange for testimony against the rapper.

Miller, who was on house arrest after posting a $500,000 bond in March of 2006, was re-arrested last week for allegedly leaving his residence for 10 minutes without permission, a direct violation of his house arrest rules.

His bond was increased from $500,000 to $1 million and in total, Miller had to raise $700,000 last week in order to be released.

According to documents, five people helped Miller raise the $700,000 in order to be released before his trial, which starts April 20.

Maxine Miller, Michael Jerome Miller, Germaine Miller, Jerard Brumfied and Jude Keelen each put up the equity in various properties they own in New Orleans in order to help C-Murder make his bail.

Miller’s attorney Ron Rakosky claims that authorities have unfairly targeted the rapper.

Just yesterday (April 2) a judge ordered Miller to remove all cordless phones in the house, which the rapper claimed was preventing his monitoring equipment from functioning properly.

In court yesterday, even Miller’s house arrest officer admitted that multiple tests on the system sent incorrect signals 17 times after Miller was re-arrested and released back into house arrest.

If Miller is convicted of the murder, he faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

Miller is the younger brother of mogul Percy “P.Miller“ Miller and the uncle of teen sensation Percy “Lil Romeo” MillerFor more information visit http://www.coreymillerinnocencefund.com/