C-Murder Executive Producing New Flick 'Dutch'

Rapper C-Murder (aka C. Miller aka Corey Miller) is set to executive

produce "Dutch: the Movie," a DVD trilogy based on Dutch (Teri Woods

Publishing), a top selling ghetto novel in three parts.

Miller is collaborating with Dutch writer Kwame Teague to produce

the trilogy, the first installment of which will be released early 2006. Miller

will also produce the trilogy’s three companion soundtracks for Tru Records.

“We want to give those on the come up a chance to show

what they got,” Teague told AllHipHop.com. “And that will help us

get around a lot of the politics too, like dealing with people’s agents

and all that so we can get straight to business.”

Teague wrote the story behind Dutch while incarcerated at North

Carolina’s Pamlico Correctional Institution, where he is serving double

life for homicides he says he did not commit.

According to court papers from his trial, one of the pieces

of evidence linking Teague to the murders was a fingerprint on a mixtape cover

in the victims’ car. At the time of the murders, Teague was a mixtape


As of April 2005 "Dutch," his second book, is an Essence

Best Seller. His first book, "The Adventures of Ghetto Sam," also

received critical acclaim.

A casting call is currently being held for the film's female

roles, which range from a beautiful sista-next-door type to multi-ethnic female

assassins to an elderly Italian woman.

The leading male roles are filled by actor/emcees from the Tru

Records camp.

Interested actresses should submit up to three photos with a

bio to: webmaster@dutchangels.com,

or by mail to Dutch Film, PO Box 1263, Wilmington NC 28402.

The photos will appear on the film’s website www.DutchAngels.com

where Dutch fans can browse a list of the book’s female characters and

vote for which actress should play which character. “This way,”

reasons Teague, “the female casting call becomes a vehicle of promotion

for the book and the film at the same time.”

A soundtrack call is also being held, with Miller personally

selecting the final artists.

Groups and solo artists should send a bio and up to three tracks on CD that

emphasize their best talents to: Tru Records, 141 Robert E. Lee Blvd #154, New

Orleans LA 70124. Music does not have to be influenced by Dutch.

All materials are due by August 31, 2005 with independent artists

and unknown actresses encouraged to submit.

Miller is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility

of parole at Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish Correctional Center after being

convicted of the 2003 murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas. He is still waiting

on a decision from the Supreme Court on whether or not he will get a new trial.

“I want my fans to know I’m chillin and I ain’t

letting these elements get to me, ya heard me?” Miller told AllHipHop.com.

"Shout out to my dog for life Kwame. We inspire each other to keep moving


C-Murder’s latest album The Truest $#! @ I Ever Said

debuted at #1 on the Billboard Independent Chart when it was released May 22.

Write to C-Murder at: Corey Miller #58815110, PO Box 388, Gretna

LA 77054.

Write Kwame Teague at: Kwame Teague #0401897, 601 North 3rd

St., Bayboro NC 28515.