C-Murder Homicide Trial To Proceed

AllHipHop Staff

In spite of an incarcerated friend claiming the killing, C-Murder’s (Corey Miller) homicide trial will move forward early next month.

Yesterday (July 20), Judge Hans Liljeberg rejected the prosecution’s request to review the claims of Juan Flowers, who stated that he was the one who killed 16 year-old Steve Thomas in a 2002, Harvey nightclub shootout.

Flowers is currently serving life for a unrelated murder in Georgia’s Fulton County.

Prosecutors viewed the shocking claims from Flowers as key evidence, and now have two weeks to review any potential witness tampering or obstruction of justice charges regarding Flowers’ sudden willingness to claim responsibility.

Originally, Flowers had maintained that he and Miller where not in the vicinity of Steve Thomas when he was murdered.

Additionally, prosecutors had requested access to all of Flower’s recorded phone conversations and visitations since May 8.

Flowers alleges that he approached Miller’s attorney Ron Rakosky back in 2003 to testify in the original murder trial.

According to Flowers, he was immediately rebuffed. However, 3 weeks ago Rakosky filed court documents stating that Flowers claimed the homicide under oath.

Miller’s murder trial has been delayed twice, and is now set to commence on August 3.

If convicted, he faces life imprisonment.

Although Miller is in jail due to a 2001 attempted second degree murder conviction, he was allowed to join yesterday’s hearing by phone.

At press time, prosecutors have filed an appeal over the judge’s ruling.