C-Murder Jailed For Violating House Arrest Terms

AllHipHop Staff

C-Murder was jailed today (March 9) and sent to Jefferson Parish jail, for allegedly violating the rules of his house arrest.

Prosecutors had long contended that Miller had repeatedly violated the terms of his house arrest multiple times, while awaiting to be retried for the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas.

Miller is accused of shooting the teenager to death during an argument inside of a inside a now defunct Jefferson Parish nightclub, during an altercation in 2002.

According to Deputy Chief Chuck Whitmer of the Gretna Police Department, Miller’s electronic monitor indicted he was out of range of his house for over 10 minutes, a violation of the terms of his arrest.

Miller’s lawyer Ron Rakosky protested the rapper’s arrest, claiming that he was home sleeping during the times in question.

C-Murder’s arrest is the latest chapter in a seven-year murder case, in which the rapper was originally convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 2003.

He was released after an appeal and granted a new trial, when lawyers revealed that prosecutors hid the criminal backgrounds of three of their witnesses.

Last month, authorities accused Dwayne “Wango” Cobbins of witness tampering after the 35-year-old New Orleans native allegedly by “threatening to use force to influence one or more persons,” resulting in “the hindrance, delay or prevention of the communication to a peace officer of information.”

Cobbins, who was arrested in 2002 sporting a Tru Records gold medallion, has been tried for murder and attempted murder, but all charges were dropped due to lack of cooperation from witnesses.

C-Murder, 37, is due to stand trial for Thomas’ murder for a second time starting on April 20.

If convicted, he faces an automatic life sentence in prison.