C-Murder Loses Bid For New Trial

C-Murder lost his

appeal for a new trial yesterday (March 10), after the rapper was convicted in

September of 2003 for the murder of a 16-year-old inside a Harvey, Louisiana night


In 2004, Judge Martha Sassone

ordered a new trial for Miller, younger brother of Percy “Master P”

Miller, claiming that the prosecution withheld evidence from the defense, after

it was revealed that some of the prosecution’s witnesses had prior criminal


In addition, Miller’s

lawyers said that black jurors were systematically excluded from the case.

Two of the three Judges

on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal disagreed with Sassone’s ruling granting

Miller a new trial and upheld Miller’s original conviction.

“There was an abundance

of other evidence which fully established Miller's guilt," the judges wrote.

Miller is facing a mandatory

life sentence, but his attorney said that an appeal of the decision to the same

court, or the Louisiana Supreme Court highly probable.

The rapper was convicted

of second-degree murder, after he allegedly gunned down 16-year-old Steve Thomas

in January of 2002, after Thomas allegedly snuck into a now defunct nightclub

and argued with Miller.

Miller recently

made national headlines, after he outraged Louisiana officials by recording

an album and shooting a video for his single “Y’all Heard of Me,”

from prison.