C-Murder Shoots Video In Jail, Angers Sheriff

C-Murder's upcoming album and music video featuring scenes of the incarcerated rapper inside prison have reportedly irked a New Orleans, Louisiana sheriff.

During his long hiatus from the rap industry, C-Murder, whose real name is Corey, Miller, has remained active, recording an album called The Truest S**t I Ever Said, his first since 2002.

The New Orleans-bred rapper was charged with second-degree murder for allegedly killing a 16-year-old inside a nightclub. Miller was found guilty in 2003, but his conviction was thrown out last April.

The rapper has been in prison for more than three years and is currently awaiting a murder trial.

In a premature version of a music video for the album's single "Y'all Heard of Me," Miller is seen in jail wearing an orange prison suit and complaining about racial profiling against blacks, the Associated Press reported.

The music video also reportedly features former Cash Money rapper B.G. performing for a large crowd near the New Orleans housing projects where

Miller and his brothers Percy (Master P) and Vyshonne, (Silkk the Shocker) were raised.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee told the AP that he was unaware of Miller's album and subsequent music video until Wednesday (Feb. 23) after The AP requested an interview with the rapper from prison.

Lee has called Miller's music video and recordings deceitful and without consent. "Suffice it to say, I'm not pleased," Lee told the AP. "The only thing I'll say is, he will not make another video while he's in my jail."

Miller's lawyer, Ron Rakosky, maintains that two film crews were granted permission from the sheriff's office to interview Miller inside jail. According to Rakosky, the music video footage was filmed by crews for Court TV and a local cable-access show.

"The bottom line is, we didn't do anything wrong," said Rakosky, who added that he has urged Miller to keep rapping while imprisoned.

"Here's a guy in jail, making constructive use of his time instead of withering away," Rakosky continued. "He's lost more than three years of his life, locked up for a crime he did not commit. At least he's not just sitting there, wasting away."

Miller's 17-track album "The Truest S**t I Ever Said" is scheduled for release on March 22.