C-Murder Signs Akon To Book Deal; 'Thug Politics' On The Way

New Orleans rapper C-Murder continues to build on his successes in the literary world as the rapper announced today (March 11) that he has signed R&B superstar Akon to a book deal with TRU Publishing.

Akon’s new book will be titled Thug Politics and is the second release from C-Murder’s TRU Publishing company.

The first release from the new company was Jacki-O’s title Grown and Gangsta, which landed in book stores last month.

According to a representative for TRU Publishing, Akon’s book Thug Politics is due in stores in April or May.

C-Murder, Jacki-O and Akon will also join a literary campaign to promote their books, as well as literacy amongst children and teens.

C-Murder, born Corey Miller, is the younger brother of mogul Master P. and the uncle of teen rapper Lil’ Romeo.

In 2006, Miller released his critically acclaimed debut novel Death Around the Corner, which has sold an estimated 70,000 copies independently.

On June 9, the rapper’s retrial for allegedly shooting and killing a 16-year-old will begin.