C-Murder Trial Postponed, Gag Order Eased

The murder trial of New Orleans rapper Corey "C-Murder" Miller was postponed, due to numerous pending pretrial motions.

Miller was slated to go on trial on Monday (Feb. 28), but after a closed meeting with attorneys for both sides, Judge Martha Sassone postponed the trial and a new date has not yet been set.

Miller is accused of shooting and killing 16-year-old Steve Thomas in 2002 in the now defunct Club Platinum, in Harvey.

During his first trial in 2003, Miller was convicted of murder and faced a mandatory life sentence.

His conviction overturned by the Louisiana Supreme Court in Mar. 2006 and the rapper was released from prison, after it was discovered that prosecutors withheld and expunged information pertaining to the criminal background of their witnesses, to bolster their credibility on the stand.

Miller is also facing trial for two counts of attempted murder in Baton Rouge, stemming from a separate nightclub incident outside of Club Raggs.

The rapper is accused of becoming enraged and attempting to shoot the owner of the club, because he refused Miller's entrance.

The gun jammed both times the rapper attempted to shoot at the owner when Miller allegedly fled in a 2001 Ford Excursion.

According to The Times-Picyune, Judge Sassone relaxed her gag order surrounding the case yesterday, (Mar. 1).

Miller's attorneys argued that Sassone's gag order conflicted with his constitutional right to free speech.

His lawyers also argued that as a recording artist, he used the releases to earn money to pay for his legal defense and support his family.

Miller is allowed to conduct interviews to promote his album Screamin' 4 Vengeance and his novel, Death Around the Corner, which he authored over a two-year period from prison.

Judge Sassone relaxed the gag order, but barred Miller from speaking about his pending murder trial.

Miller will also remain on house arrest with Judge Sassone approving all visitors.