C-Rayz Walz Working On New Album, 30-Emcee Song

Fans yearning for new music from rapper C-Rayz Walz will get more than they bargained for, as he gears up for the release of a three-part series of albums, titled Chorus Rhyme.

The project, which is slated to hit stores consecutively, will feature a host of new songs, including "Chorus Line," a track featuring 30 emcees.

Among the rappers featured on the 14 and a half minute song are Levi, Hykoo, Messiah-J, iCON The Mic King, Kwote Scriptures, Mc Caness, WordsWorth, Karniege, Double A.B., Dusted Dons, Tame One, Glock Rockwell, R.A. The Rugged Man, StaHHr The Femcee. L.I.F.E. Long, Sha-Dula, MarQ Spekt, C-Rayz Walz, Thirstin Howl III, Klu Sheisty, Sean Price, Swave Sevah, Poison Pen, Chan, Mc Unknown, Kosher Dill, Block McCloud, Many Styles, Omega Moon and Immortal Technique.

The Chorus Rhyme series is one of two projects from C-Rayz Walz, who teams up with renowned producer/DJ Sharkey for the concept album Monster Maker.

"I feel like the world is the monster maker and I feel like everyone, no matter how good of a family you've been raised by, or how good of a person you are, is capable of being that person that is sitting in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic, for an hour one day and on the verge of going out and blasting people,"Sharkey said about the concept of the album. "Everyone has that seed in them where they're capable of doing something monster-ish."

Described as a dark and often moody offering, songs from Monster Maker address various subjects set to Sharkey’s diverse soundtrack.

"Sharkey beats are everything," Walz said. "They're rock. They're synth. They're techno. They're Hip-Hop, boom-bap. They're everything. " said Walz, who admitted that Sharkey is "the best producer" he's ever worked with.

Monster Maker is the follow up to Walz’ previous effort, 2006's 1975: Return of the Beast.

As for his new album, the rapper is confident the release will strike a chord with listeners who not have given him and Sharkey their just due.

"Sharkey's a maaaad underrated producer, arranger, concoctor, the same way I'm a mad underrated artist, composer, performer, thinker, " said Walz, who is currently shooting the pilot for Remade, a spin-off of the MTV reality series Made.

"We both put in a lot of work and have had long careers in this music industry and I don't think that we really got that good weather, it was a lot of gloomy days, but I now think the world is definitely gonna see something."

Monster Maker is scheduled to hit stores in August.