Ca$his Preps New LP 'Shady Loyalty 1st'

(AllHipHop News) Chicago raised rapper, Ca$his, an artist signed to Eminem’s Shady Records, is coming back with new found outlook on the game. He is planning to drop a new street album called Shady Loyalty 1st before his first official release for Shady. “I finished the Shady street LP and it’s just called Shady Loyalty First.  I love the project it’s 12 tracks of undeniable fire,” Ca$his told “Young Buk from Psycho Drama, Mitchy Slick, and production from Rikanatti, Frank Dukes, Young De of Homeland Security. Everyone needs to check for the single. Its like a real Shady Records anthem for 2010 through 2011.”A number of rappers are still on Shady Records after several artists including Stat Quo and Bobby Creekwater were let go, with their masters. While Ca$his is back again working hard on his music, he struggled for a few years going through personal issues. Of his favorite records, a song about his daughter Miana, whose mom passed away is his favorite.“So far one of my favorite records is Miana about my first daughter, her mom died and I went to jail and its like a Ms. Jenkins, but updated and looking back at life and problems that people go through. Its timeless and that separates it from anything. You can never go wrong doing a song being honest about your child,” Ca$his said.Staying focused has been the goal for the rapper, who has been releasing new music or videos every week for the past 8 weeks.“Yea man this is going on 8 weeks of nice stuff for everyone this week," Ca$his said. "My mindset in this music is to just go in and show that I am improving. People may have forgot about me and my whole squad. Like I said, I took a little break to get cleaned up and to get focused. “Ca$his was first showcased in mainstream rap when he was featured on a mixtape by Eminem which later turned into the album, Eminem Presents the Re-Up.