CA School District Police Chief Resigns Amidst Snoop Controversy

Inglewood, California’s school district police chief has resigned amidst growing criticism and controversy regarding officers moonlighting as bodyguards for Snoop Dogg.Wesley Mitchell announced his decision today, saying he didn’t take kindly to being personally attacked by school board members, who claim Mitchell gave “misinformation” pertaining to the officers working for the rapper.Mitchell, who spent only two month’s on the job, spent the majority of that time tending to the controversy and trying to limit the officers moonlighting for Snoop.Of the 32 full time and reserve officers with the Inglewood Unified School District, almost a third of them have worked security for the rapper.The board voted to fire officers Leslie Gaulden, Marcus Thompson, Randy Robinson, Kenny Archer and four other reserve officers.Six officers who work for the school district have filed a civil lawsuit, claiming that they were discriminated against because they are black.They claim that the police chief prior to Mitchell threatened to fire them after they filed various complaints."They've been trying to get rid of my officers long before the Snoop Dogg incidents," the officer’s attorney, Craig Byrnes said.