Cam'ron Announces New Crew, New Businesses

AllHipHop Staff

Original Dipset co-founder Cam’ron has formed a new company called The U.N. and has launched a subdivision titled Dipset West.

The new brand includes a film, music and DVD subdivision, which will be headed up by Omar “Iceman” Sharif, the CEO and co-owner of the new company, which includes a new roster featuring Vado, Begetz, Fly Boyz, Charlie Clipse, Byrd Lady and Young Hustle.

“When we started Dipset, it was more than just a crew, it was a movement. The U.N. is a continuation of that movement,” Cam‘ron told in a statement.

Cam selected Sharif to oversee the new operation because of his track record in the film and music business.

"His experience is exactly what we need to make strategic connections at the next level,” explains Cam’ron," Cam said of Sharif, who also executive produced the American Rap Stars Hip-Hop documentary.

Sharif has also overseen a number of deals with Onyx, Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, Mariah Carey, ODB, RZA, Loon, Xzibit and Death Row.

Cam’ron is currently preparing a new Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama in addition to recording material for U.N. debut album.

Cam also divulged some details about his upcoming projects, including a movie on notorious Harlem heroin dealer Guy Fischer, who sat on the notorious “Council,” an infamous New York crime syndicated.

“We got a movie coming out called The Bakery and then we’ll drop the second installment of Killa Season,” Cam’ron revealed. “We’re also discussing the release of The Guy Fischer bio-pic. In between films, we’ll keep the streets hot with The Gangsta Grillz Mixtape and we’ll most likely release Vado’s album immediately after. Vado got the streets on smash, and in Harlem, he's got an unbelievable buzz. Everybody in Harlem already knows what it is,” Cam’ron continued “Between the films and the music coming soon on U.N. and Dipset West, we gonna keep the 'hood in a frenzy.”