Cam'ron Hits R. Kelly With Lawsuit

The legal problems

for R. Kelly continue to mount, as Harlem, New York rapper Cam’ron has hit

the Chicago, Illinois crooner with a lawsuit.

Cam’ron, born Cameron Giles alleges R. Kelly has infringed

his copyright for the “Snake Remix,” which Giles claims he co-wrote.

Both the original version and the remix to the song feature R. Kelly

and former Rap City host Big Tigga and the remix featured the pair plus Cam’ron.

The original version was featured on Kelly’s 2003 hit

album Chocolate Factory.

The lawsuit comes on the heels of the soul singer’s wife

Andrea’s filing for an order of protection against Kelly, which was granted

last Thursday (Sept. 22).

In the latest turn events, Kelly’s wife filed a request

to dismiss the order of protection, her lawyer Nathan Swerdlove said yesterday

(Sept. 27).

“They had

a squabble -- and how many marriages don't have that sort of thing?" told

the Chicago Sun Times. "They're trying to work things out, and they'd like

to do it privately.”