Cam'ron Launching Upscale Clothing Line


fashion forward way of thinking has altered the style code of Hip-Hop from pink

to purple to airbrushed Airforce 1’s to fur coats with that distinct Harlem


Now the Diplomat CEO is

about to bring his approach to his own clothing line called Vavali.

“My clothing line

is still coming out and I’ve been in Milan lately. It’s coming straight

out of Italy,” Cam’ron explained to “What I’m

doing now is I’m working the runways so when I come to America, it will

already be out in Italy for two years. I’m not doing a sports clothing

line. I’m doing a straight up couture clothing line.”

Like his other ventures

in business, Cam’ron said that he’s plotting Vivali’s course

carefully to ensure that it establishes a firm base in the fashion trade.


working with the people out there [in Italy] at the factories and the manufacturers

and getting it rocking out there. Their dollar is 2-to-1 on ours. It’s

worth way more than ours,” he stated.

Fashion Week, which

occurs twice a year in New York City, is the pinnacle of the business in a domestic

capacity, but Cam said that the soil is more fertile in Milan.

“A lot of

times, what people don’t realize is, you go to fashion week [in New York]

and you go, “Wow, Fashion Week, Fashion Week. I gotta get in fashion week.”

Just because you get in fashion week in New York does not mean you can get in

Fashion Week in Italy,” the Harlem native stated. “If you are in

Fashion Week in Italy, they want you to be in Fashion Week in New York. I’ma

get it poppin’ over there first and come back.”

Vivali, which Cam

says means “I’m fly” in Italian, is somewhat available to

his people in Harlem and the surrounding areas.

He said, “Right

now, we got certain things at Apollo Express on 125th Street between 7th and

8th street right next to the Apollo Theater.”

Cam divulged that

the follow up to 2004’s Purple Haze would come out later this year after

the releases of fellow Diplomats Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.

Cam signed to Asylum

Records earlier this year.