Cam'ron Tells 13-Year-Old Girl Her Mom Used To Suck His D**k (VIDEO)

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)


(AllHipHop News) There seems to be a young girl from Cam'ron's old neighborhood that believes she is his niece. According to Cam, the 13-year-old girl was told the two are family by her mother, but the Dipset member decided to call the woman a liar for the entire world to hear on the Internet.

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In an Instagram video directed at the girl, Cam tells the camera, "I'm not your uncle. I don't know your grandma, auntie, nothing. Your mom used to suck our d**k back in the day. I came up, so she told you I'm your uncle so I give you $20 - $30 dollars every time I f**king see you."

The caption for the vid read:

So if U seen my last post..This is what happened.. It's a lil girl in my hood named shavon.. Her mom keep lying to her.. Sayin I'm her uncle.. And I told her the truth.. Now everybody mad.. Lolol she 13 now...she done got about 4k from a nigga.. Da gig is up#SayHelloToDaBadGuy #FleeFlair #Glaciars

The "last post" Cam was referring to was another IG vid with him talking with a woman in a hair salon. "F**k her mother," the Harlem emcee says at one point after the lady tells him the girl's mother is upset about what he previously said to her. Cam'ron wrote:

@tiffdag1ft called me to da hair salon to tell me her friend mad..cause I told her daughter da truth.. Glad@instarek recorded it.. Hit her wit dat #RickFlair ..I'll tell y'all about it nx post.. Foh

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