Camp Lo's Sonny Cheeba Involved in Serious Car Accident

AllHipHop Staff

This year’s CIAA weekend festivities almost took a tragic turn as Camp Lo rapper Sonny Cheeba found himself involved in what was described as a serious car crash.

Sources told that Cheeba’s Dodge Charger was totaled in the collision, which occurred Saturday (February 28) in Charlotte, North Carolina, while the rapper was on his way to a sound check for a show at the Buckhead Saloon.

Cheeba, who was traveling with fellow rhymesayer Herron and transported to a local hospital by ambulance, was scheduled to perform at midnight alongside his fellow Camp Lo member Geechi Suede.

According to sources, Suede was unaware of Cheeba’s accident as the performance started on schedule.

The entertainer kept concertgoers entertained as he performed the Camp Lo hit “Swing” without Cheeba.

Attendees, who were informed of the accident, were later greeted by Cheeba, as he appeared onstage midway through the concert to join Suede for the group’s classics "Black Nostaljack" and "Luchini."

Herron, who was not injured during the accident, also appeared on stage.

During the show, Camp Lo thanked fans for their “continued support” while urging them to check out their forthcoming album Stone & Rob: Caught on Tape.

The release is slated to hit stores on March 24.