Canibus Goes After Em On Scathing Diss 'Air Strike'

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Canibus released a new diss track today (November 23) aimed at Eminem.

The track, titled “Air Strike (Pop Killer),” was released on Warlab Records and features Canibus and label mate DZK airing out Eminem over a number of issues.

Canibus and DZK insult Eminem on the 5:32 second track, making fun of his feud with Mariah Carey, in addition to Eminem’s addiction to pain killers and his troubled past with his parents.

Right before Canibus’ verse starts, he taunts Eminem with a clip of his own words in regards to rap battles.

“If you’re an MC and you mention my name in the wrong way, you draw first blood, I’m gonna come back,” Eminem says in a sample, taken from an interview with Tim Westwood in 2002.

“You aint know Hip-Hop messiah/You a bitch cause you dissed Mariah/shit like that is supposed to be private/I’ma fry you on behalf of Mariah and Michael/Put you back on the drugs, make you suicidal," Canibus raps.

The disrespectful lines get worse as the track moves on, referencing the infamous incident in which actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s bare bottom landed in Eminem’s face at the MTV Music Awards in May.

According to Eminem his beef with Canibus started in 1998, before he was signed to a record label.

During in interview with Tim Westwood, Eminem explained the beef started after LL Cool J released his track “The Ripper Strikes Back,” a response to Canibus’ diss record “Second Round K.O.”

Originally, Canibus and producer Wyclef believed that Eminem wrote the lyrics to the track for LL Cool J, an allegation Eminem denied.

Despite Canibus’ attempt to squash the beef, Eminem continued to diss him in interviews and on his 2002 album, The Eminem Show.

On a track titled “Square Dance,” he referred to Canibus as “Canib**ch.”

“Let’s see you Square Dance now/Let’s see you hold your bladder,” DZK raps. “Let’s see you fire back Em/where’s the fire at/it’s suicide hotline time/go dial that/put on that ‘8 Mile’ hat and a file track/Get at some people who can actually diss you back.”

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