Canibus Joins The U.S. Army

Battle-ready rapper Canibus has decided to take his lyrical aggression to new heights, as he has become a soldier in the Armed forces of the United States of America.

Reps for the rapper confirmed he recently graduated from Ft. Knox, Tennessee's U.S. Military Academy and is currently a cavalry scout/ reconnaissance specialist in the army.

Apparently, the armed forces have weighed heavily on the rapper, who once rhyme about serving his country in his 2001 song “Draft Me,” from 'C' True Hollywood Stories.

In the song, Canibus furiously raps:

Draft me, pass me, the M-16/

Give me a buzz cut, ask me if I give a f**k

I'm comin out blastin/ military four-fashion

Twelve close castin, for weapons of mass-distraction/

Outlastin, all the privates in my company

Fightin for my family, and the cats that grew up with me/

My Band of Brothers, rarely just smother the enemy/

Razor blades cut ya face and leave a scar so you remember me/

Lurkin, to leave y'all with bloody red turbans/

Screamin "Jihad!" while y'all pray to a false god…

In other news, the certified solider has another album, Rip The Jacker, slated to drop July 22.