Canibus & Keith Murray Release "The Undergods"

AllHipHop Staff

Rappers Keith Murray and Canibus have announced their debut EP The Undergods will hit stores digitally tomorrow.

The pair’s self-titled debut collaborative album is slated to land in the iTunes music store via the Seattle-based record label, Sound Records.

“Essentially the name symbolizes underground and then you know gods with it. The aspect of where we been rhyming from since the inception of our careers, even though they happened at different times,” Canibus stated. “We mastered certain aspects of lyricism and hip-hop so and that’s how you but the gods there. We mixed it up that way.”

Sounds Records was launched 18 months ago buy owners Kenny Stumbo and Noah Hartkopf.

In addition to Keith Murray and Canibus, the label’s roster includes Bronze Nazareth, Project Lionheart and Bekker.

According to both Canibus and Keith Murray, their friendship started around 1995, based off a mutual love for “blunts” or cigars filled with marijuana.

According to reps for Sound Records, The Undergods EP will feature production by The Beatminerz, Amadeus, Gordo and Hip-Hop legend Erick Sermon.

“We did a record together for one of our mutual friends, but we were in two different parts of New York,” added Keith Murray. “So I just said ‘yo let me get Bis’ number. Call him up and said lets put together an album. From there we got backing and went into a multi-million dollar studio, got a platinum award winning engineer so it come out right crispy and industry standard. And here we are with the energy that we set in motion 15 years ago. “

Fans were treated to an early glimpse of the album in June, when the track “129” was leaked to the Internet.

The Undergods will be available for purchase tomorrow for $5.99. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player