Canibus Release Party Turns Violent


release party turned ugly last night around midnight at club Aria.

Canibus, who was celebrating the release of his sophomore album,

2000 B.C. (Before Canibus), was sucker punched in the face, and

stomped in the ensuing chaos. The perpetrators were Harlem World's

Blinky Blink, Cam'Ron, who's rhyming abilities are limited, thus

the fight. The fight was a result of Canibus dissing Blinky Blink

on a track titled "Die Slow." Canibus was also struck

over the head with a glass encased candle that was from the bar,

and is in serious condition. The club's security was extremely

low according to witnesses to the melee. A number of celebrities

were on hand to help Canibus celebrate, including Biz Mark and

Special Ed. The party was hosted by Doowop and Max Glazer. Canibus

was supposed to have a second release party this Thursday at Club

Chaelra in NYC, and will still go on as planned.