Canibus Releases New Album, Throws Disses At Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel


recently sat down with in England and

commented on his new album, Eminem, Jay-Z and Beanie

Sigel. One of the underground's favorite MC's, and

arguably one of the best lyricists of all time, Canibus

has just dropped his independently released 3rd album,

C : True Hollywood Stories.


certain songs on the album, Canibus assumes the role

of Eminem's Stan character. When asked if this was

meant as a diss to Eminem (See advertisements in The

Source), Canibus blew the notion of dissing Eminem

off. "I have no real reason to diss Eminem,"

Canibus said. "But you have to understand that

it's Stan spitting. He's got the right to write a

letter to his man expressing his feelings. Besides

that, it's all hip hop anyway. Everything I do is

in the name of Hip Hop."

When asked

how he felt about Beanie Sigel dropping his name in

his diss record aimed at Jadakiss (I'll rock your

bells like L/I aint Canibus Nigga), Canibus said "Honestly

I don't even know what Beanie really meant by that

lyric. I mean I've took it everyway it can possibly

be taken," Canibus said. "I figure he thinks

since life is gravy for him cause he's on the ROC,

he just don't have a care in the world and can just

say anything on record. I still think he gets busy...But

as far as rhyme for rhyme, seeing me? If any one of

these monkey faced rappers wanna [battle] with me

just name the date and place. Don't just talk on record.

If you wanna meet a real Mc lets do it."