Capone Flees, Police Fire


of Capone N Noreaga Fame, was being held for questioning

after an alercation in a nightclub Thursday night. According

to sources, Capone and two associates attempted to enter

Club Juan Pachenga in Long Island City (Queens, NY) with

a .380 calibur handgun. When a bouncer attempted to take

the gun away from Capone, a scuffle broke out. The bouncer

suffered a broken wrist while attempting to take the handgun.

During the

scuffle, a patron called 911 and when the police arrived,

Capone was leaving. Wintesses told Lt. Alan Desmond and

Officer James Dee that the three had guns. Lt. Desmond

then "fired defensively" two shots, because

he "believed" that one of the men was holding

a gun. As the three men attempted to leave the scene,

an unknown driver in a Ford Expedition attempted to box

their Mercedes Benz in, but they made it out of the lot.

Police briefly lost the Benz, but found it stopped on

Northern Blvd., where inside the car 20 year old Marion

Jefferson had a graze wound to his neck. He was taken

to Elmhurst Hospital Center and treated. Capone and Jessiah

Watson were also arrested and taken in for questioning.

No guns were found in the car and no charges have been


Rappers have

long claimed that police officers have been following

them and harrasing them and their claims have been found

true, as The Intelligence Division is compiling a book,

"Crime Trends in the Rap Music Industry," which

so far has information on more than 40 rappers, including

their names, nicknames and photos. The book also states

what kind of vehicle each rapper drives, what record label

the artist is on and what club they prefer to attend.

The book also lists the type of vehicle each star drives,

what record label each belongs to and which clubs they



all started after two of these groups fired over 20 shots

at each other in broad daylight in the Village,"

one source said of the rap operation. "Luckily, no

one was seriously injured, especially bystanders,"

referring to an incident in March in which the entourages

of Capone N Noreaga and Lil Kim were involved in a broad

daylight shoot out in front of NYC's Hot 97.

"We are

not profiling rappers," Police Commissioner Bernard

Kerik said. "We go after criminals, people with guns,

people who commit crimes. Some rappers are involved in

criminal activity, and we will be looking at them."