Capone Issues Statement Regarding Lil' Kim Case

Looking to clear the

air of rumors surrounding Lil Kim's perjury trial, now in deliberation, rapper

Capone has issued a statement regarding his role in the case.

Kim, born Kimberly Jones,

and her personal assistant, Monique Dopwell, are charged with lying to a federal

grand jury that investigated a 2001 shooting involving Kim's entourage and rival

group Capone-and-Noreaga outside New York radio station Hot 97.

Kim told federal investigators

that she did not see two members of her entourage, Damion Butler and Suif Jackson,

at the shooting.

Some fans who claim loyalty

to Lil Kim have labeled those called upon to testify against her, including

Capone and former Junior M.A.F.I.A. member Lil Cease, "snitches" for

revealing details about the shooting.

Capone insisted that that

he was required to appear in court and that his testimony in the trial was not

damaging to Kim.

"I went to court because

I was subpoenaed and obligated to be there," Capone said in a statement.

"My testimony in no way incriminated Kim. I basically testified that I

didn't see anything. The media is creating a frenzy out of this case, and people

should know what's really going on."

Capone recounted that he

was approached by a member of Kim's entourage while standing outside Hot 97

on Feb. 25, 2001. Both Kim's group and

Capone-and-Noreaga were scheduled to appear for interviews the same day.

Capone said the person asked

him whether he had "a problem with Kim" because of a song he recorded

with Noreaga featuring Kim's rival Foxy


Gunfire erupted between

the two camps and a member of Capone's entourage was shot.

Capone is releasing

his solo-debut, "Pain, Time & Glory," on May 24.