Capone-N-Noreaga Reunite, Fans Asked To Vote For New CNN Album

Nine years after

Capone-N-Noreaga's debut album The War Report was hailed as a Hip-Hop classic,

the duo have ended a two-year rift and are considering a return to the recording

studio to produce a new album. N.O.R.E.,

born Victor Santiago, is asking fans to vote on whether or not they want a new

CNN album via his


possible collaboration would be CNN's first studio project since their sophomore

album The Reunion, which was released in 2000. “I did 18-20

joints for my new album, and what happened was, while I was working on these joints

and traveling, everywhere I went, people were like, ‘What’s up with

the CNN, is there gonna be another CNN album?’” N.O.R.E told

“So I opened up a poll on my page and people [the fans] have

been begging for at least one more CNN album.” Although he and Capone

hadn’t spoken in over two years, N.O.R.E revealed to that they

recently made amends. “The

other day he happened to reach out to me and I finally got over what we were going

through and it look’s like we’re gonna go in [the studio],” stated

N.O.R.E. “It was just big differences,” N.O.R.E said of the

rift. “At the end of the day, we answered our fans the politically correct

way by saying I was doing Reggeaton. And I was doing five movies, so I was little

bit busy. But the real story was there were a whole bunch of big differences."

In addition to a new CNN album, N.O.R.E is also working on another new solo

album, despite the fact that One Fan a Day, an album he recorded two years

ago, still sits on the shelves at Def Jam.“This

is going to be my most truthful album," N.O.R.E said of his new material.

"Everything you gonna hear is gonna be real truthful, even if I hurt some

record execs or if I hurt some of my fans. I’m gonna be honest with everybody.

I got a track on there called ‘Rap is Like Wrestle Mania’ and people

are gonna be mad at me." While he’s excited about his new album,

he’s just as disappointed with the results of his last album, the Reggeaton

project, N.O.R.E. Y La Familia: Ya Tu Sabe. “I was absolutely

not comfortable with the results of the album,” N.O.R.E told

“At the end of the day, it didn’t turn out the way I expected it to

because of label support. When you got people who didn’t spend any money

and promise you a whole bunch of things, it’s like ughhhh." Fans

can visit

to vote for a new CNN album. N.O.R.E is also allowing fans to vote for one of

the two titles of his newest album, There Is A God or Global Warming.

N.O.R.E.'s latest album, N.O.R.E. Y La Familia: Ya Tu Sabe is in stores