Cappadonna Launches New Record Label, Preps New Album

Former Wu-Tang member Cappadonna has launched his own record

label entitled Hood' LLC and is preparing a new solo album.

Cappadonna who was once a part of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan

announced that his new album would be the first release under Hood LLC.

"I am looking at putting out a record around August,"

Cappadonna told "It will definitely come with some originality."

For those wondering if he will re-unite with former group member

and super producer The RZA for beats, it doesn't look like a possibility, although

Cappadonna said there was no animosity between the two.

Cappadonna shocked the world in June of 2003, when the rapper

resurfaced in Baltimore, Maryland as a cab driver.

The rapper explained

that he intentionally gave up what material possessions he had amassed and walked

the streets of Baltimore for 8 months, before returning to the rap game.

Shortly afterwards

Cappadonna dropped his album, The Struggle.

For his latest untitled album, Cappadonna is seeking a new sound

through new production.

"I am actually looking for new producers," Cappadonna

said. "I want something fresh, something original to really capture my

sound. I really want people to feel where I am coming from and to me the best

way to capture that is to get someone just as hungry as I am, because I know

they will not only feel the struggle but help to bring out the hunger in my


The untitled album is in the beginning stages and no release

date was available as of press time.