Cardi B Addresses Critics Of Modern Hip Hop

"Stop fronting on how you hate this new Hip Hop, how you hate mumble rap."

(AllHipHop News) Love it or hate it, Cardi B is the reigning princess of rap. A #1 Hot 100single, two Grammy nominations, and an upcoming wedding with Migos' member Offset has kept the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker at the forefront of Hip Hop conversations in 2017.

Part of the discussion that has taken place this year is the generational gap between different eras of rap stars. There was a recent disagreement between Pete Rock and Waka Flocka that was followed by 21 Savage defending his peers.

T.I. backed up 21's viewpoint. However, DMX just expressed his frustration with modern rap.

Cardi has now shared her thoughts on the topic as well. The 25-year-old Bronx native said on social media:

You know what I hate about people? Like, they always wanna talk about how Hip Hop is dead, that these new artists, this new generation of artists is f-cking up Hip Hop and how they want Hip Hop to be back how it used to be. But you guys are a big part of it. If you really love these rappers and if you really want Hip Hop to be back to how it used to be, then why don’t you make those rappers that you like hot? You make the artists, you make these people get their songs played on the radio because they get a lot of streams and a lot of sales first and then they hit the radio. So stop fronting on how you hate this new Hip Hop, how you hate mumble rap, how you hate this, you hate that. You love it.

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